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I am always working to bring you information about powerful, natural ways to enhance your life. Breathwork Therapy is something everyone needs to experience. It has been life changing for me, and I hope my recent videos will get you excited about trying it for yourself.

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Interested in Using Essential Oils?

You have come to the right place! I am excited to help guide you as you begin this amazing journey. The best way to start learning about and using Essential Oils is to purchase a Starter Kit. I am an Independent Distributor with Young Living Oils, and can hook you up with a box full of the most commonly used EOs, as well as some samples of other amazing products!

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Interested in Removing Harsh Chemicals From Your Life?

You may find this Netflix Documentary interesting! We all deserve to know what chemicals are in the products we use every day. This film shines a light on the frightening facts about what may be hiding in our household products, clothing & more.

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Upcoming Free Wellness Classes

Wellness is something I am passionate about, and I love sharing information with others. Doing so encouraged me on my wellness journey and I need all the encouragement I can get! This is why I began offering free, super casual classes each Monday night @ my massage therapy studio. There is no dress code, nothing you need to bring. It’s super relaxed, and a chance to share stuff that works in my life. Please send me an email if you plan to attend one of these events, & let’s learn together.

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Want to Attend a Wellness Class?

I’d love to see you there! Bring a friend, if you want. Just be ready to learn and have a great time talking about wellness. The goal of these classes is to help all of our lives improve! Send me a message with the date of the class you’ll be attending, and how many people will be with you. These are small, relaxed classes at my massage studio, so the cutoff is 8 people. The sooner you reserve a spot the better!

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