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I believe that our story is the greatest gift we have to share with the world.

Here is mine.

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The Well Deserved Podcast w/Matt Taylor


My podcast has launched! You can currently listen on or Spotify. 

Join me as I share my story & the stories of others. This podcast is all about survival, hope and wellness. Let me know what you think!

I share much of my life, my experiences on Social media. From Gratitude to Essential Oils to random thoughts about life... here are some of those videos! Follow me on social media to see more.

Check out my interview with the amazing Lauri Andreacchio from RVNTV. It was one of the best experiences, as we chatted about gratitude, natural wellness and all things uplifting!



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Check Out This Documentary!


Interested in Removing Harsh Chemicals From Your Life?

You may find this Netflix Documentary interesting! We all deserve to know what chemicals are in the products we use every day. This film shines a light on the frightening facts about what may be hiding in our household products, clothing & more.

I Am Available For Public Speaking Engagements

 I am currently working to build my public speaking career, and I’d love to take part in an event or be a guest on a podcast focused on wellness, vulnerability, honesty in social medial or any topic you feel I may help support! Please contact me so we can set up a call. I am grateful for any opportunity to speak - for free!

No upcoming events.

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Interested in Hosting a Wellness Class?

I am available to lead wellness based classes! We can discuss low toxin living, essential oil therapy and natural self-care techniques. Please reach out if you have an idea and a location for a class. Let’s encourage one another on our wellness journeys!

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