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What is TNGP all about?

Sharing Experiences

We are all teachers, and we are all students. Each of us has stories and experiences that can benefit others, but only if we share them. 

Sharing Knowledge

Wellness Education is the catalyst for positive life changes.  When information is not shared, it has no value. I want to share the things I have learned through person trial & error, as well as years of research so that each of you is empowered to do amazing things with your health!

Sharing Wellness

When we work together, so much more is possible.  This statement rings true for so many aspects of life, and our health most importantly. Fear keeps us from understanding our own bodies, but we can change that. We can create our own health when we join forces and overcome fear. In the end, we all benefit & live healthier, happier lives.


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Wellness is Meant to be Shared & Discussed

Please join me in exploring natural therapies! Share your input, questions, advice, experiences... that is how we all will grow!

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